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What is uMeter?

uMeter is an iPhone usage meter application for monitoring your call and data usage. There are 3 versions of uMeter: Optus, Virgin & Vodafone

For more information on each app please click on the tab corresponding to version you are interested in below.

Getting Help

uMeter works with the vast majority of postpaid mobile plans with the given carrier. Unfortunately from time to time uMeter will be unable to fetch or format your usage correctly.

If you are experiencing issues with any of our products please check the status bar to the right of this page and if your issue isn’t listed under the app status please Open a Ticket.

When submitting a ticket please ensure:

  1. You state which version of uMeter you have (Optus, Virgin or Vodafone)
  2. You have submitted an error report by going into settings and tapping ‘submit error report’. PLease ensure you use the same email address that you open a ticket with
  3. You concisely describe the issue you are experiencing

Open a Ticket
  1. uMeter (Optus)
  2. uMeter (Virgin)
  3. uMeter (Vodafone)

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