Australian Postcode Location Data

We found this data quite hard to come by freely so we thought we’d put it up here for everyone to enjoy. As far as we’re aware there is no copyright attached to the original data (we obtained it from a free source). Both the original CSV is available zipped below and contains Postcode, Suburb, Latitude and Longitude, a MySQL dump of the data is also available in a Zip file below. You can also download the PHP functions we coded to interface with the MySQL database. Simply call the postcode_dist() function with the two postcodes as shown in the example and you’ll have a result in Kilometers returned quite quickly, these functions are freely available under the BSD licence.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any errors or copyright issues. We have only done limited testing of the data and can’t be sure of it’s accuracy but it seems pretty good.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS DATA IS NOW OUT OF DATE BY QUITE A BIT. We are working on an update to be released in the coming weeks.


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